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13 septiembre, 2017
15 septiembre, 2017



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Every so often in the Reggae Industry an artist/group slips underneath the radar without being detected. But now is the time for the world to stand up and take note from arguably 3 of the sweetest voices in the reggae industry to emerge. The 3 voices who are the Emeterians based in Madrid, have come a long way since planting their 1st album entitled «Seeds» which has allowed them to take footsteps up until last year with Peckings and also Cosme Deyah productions of their 4th album entitled «The Journey«.

Their climbing success has also lead them to be #43 in the US Billboard Reggae Charts, climbing to #90 on the ITunes US top 200 Reggae Albums. And one of their biggest accolades to date has been consideration into the 53rd Grammy top 50 album shortlist consideration.
September 2017 sees the release of the brand new UK Stringray label production courtesy of Dillie Mcleod, where I can proudly say Sista Maryjane, Magalion and Brother Wildman have all come of age, with this exceptionalmature and breath taking album, which catapults the trio into the eyes of the world, especially when decent music is a must in the reggae industry.
The Magic Touch”, as it is rightly entitled, brings 13 new tracks with unmeasurable pleasure. This deserves to be among your collection of must have albums. – Mikey Notch
Brother Wildman, Sister Maryjane and Maga Lion have taken the unusual step of sharing lead vocals and harmonies, each singer having unique vocal qualities that compliment their plethora of tracks. 
During the past decade, Emeterians have been influential in raising the profile of reggae and popularising it both within Spain and across Europe, leading to an impressive record of international festival appearances.
Emeterians– Highly talented trio who succeed at producing both ‘conscious’ and ‘popular’ Reggae to an equally high standard; attracting large audiences who appreciate the New Style Reggae as well as traditional Roots Reggae. Genuine people with a desire to share their music and beliefs, Emeterians constantly look for new opportunities to expand their repertoire and spread their music globally. They are inventive and knowledgeable ensuring a high degree of interest in their work, which, combined with energetic and professional performances, guarantees their place as one of today’s best European Reggae Acts with the potential to become world greats!


1. Smile Powers
2. Sound Di Alarm
3. Begging For Love
4. It’s You
5. Set Me Free
6. World Is Home
7. Together
8. Perfect Combination
9. Wadada
10. Tell Her
11. Vive
12. Freedom
13. Oh Far I

C r e d i t s
Drums: Paul «Jazzwad» Yebuah, Dave «Fluxy» Heywood, Alphonso Wilson, Ernie Wilks, Richie Davis, Trevor Fagan, Mark «Malachi» Winter,
Bass: Leroy «Mafia» Heywood, Peter Lewis, Glen «G-Vibes» Greaves, Isaiah Palmer, Ernie Wilks, Richie Davis, Kenton «Fish» Brown, Paul «Wrongmove» Crossdale, Fel Martins
Guitar: Tony Philips, Lincoln Thomas, Ivan Christie, Dalton Brownie, Ernie Wilks, Richie Davis, Valerie «Vybz» Skeete
Keyboards: Adrian McKenzie, Paul «Jazzwad» Yebuah, Leroy «Mafia» Heywood, Michael «Parchy» Parchment, Gregory Assing, Michael Johnson, Ernie Wilks, Cyrus Richards, Earl «Wire» Lindo
Horns: Patrick Tenyue, Brian Edwards, Lazaro Barrizonte, Henry «Buttons» Tenyue
Percussion: Henry «Buttons» Tenyue, Boom Donovan, Troy Ellis

All vocals recorded at Oktopus Music London, Oktopus Studio Madrid and Okoume Studios by Cosme Deyah and Mista T
Music mixed and recorded at Stingray Studios by Carl «Dillie» McLeod
Produced and arranged by C. & R. McLeod for Stingray Records
Mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion & Fox (Washington DC, USA)

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