«Hardest Thing to Say» (Peckings 2016) SCORCHER of the week on David Rodigan´s BBC 1Extra
29 octubre, 2017
Emeterians interview on Jamaica Observer
15 noviembre, 2017

Dear voters, in first place we would like to make a stand, we are eternally thankful for being considered for this 60th Grammy Awards edition.

As brother, sister (Maga Lion & Mary Jane) and couple (Brother Wildman & Mary Jane) we represent values such as family, love, respect, unity, hardwork, teamwork and hope. We understand Music as a Universal language and Reggae as the best conductor for the message and values that we stand for.

With this album full of harmonies we would like to reach literally everyone… We believe there is a song for each person, no matter colour, creed, age or where you come from…

We can find a Magic Touch everywhere, we would like to share ours with you. One love, one heart, one destiny...

#VOTE4US #TheMagicTouch #BestReggaeAlbum #60thGrammy Awards #Emeterians #Stingray #VPALMusic

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